Adam Wagner and Pippa Woodrow acting for #ReclaimTheseStreets: final hearing ends today, 20 January 2022

The final hearing in the judicial review challenge brought by #ReclaimTheseStreets to the Metropolitan Police’s handling of a proposed vigil in memory of Sarah Everard, and in opposition to violence against women is due to end today, 20 January 2022. Adam Wagner and Pippa Woodrow are acting for the women’s rights collective.

#ReclaimTheseStreets were looking to organise a socially distanced vigil on Clapham Common on Saturday 13 March 2021 in response to the murder of Sarah Everard and the against women and girls.

However, following threats of criminal prosecution and fines from the Metropolitan Police, the claimant obtained what has been described as a ‘landmark’ interim ruling from the High Court confirming that protest is not prohibited per se during the pandemic by the lockdown regulations. See more here.

Despite apparently accepting this position in court, the police subsequently refused to change direction, threatening organisers with fines of up to £10,000 each which forced the women were to withdraw from organising the event.

Four members of #ReclaimTheseStreets are bringing a judicial review claim under the Human Rights Act 1998 seeking a declaration that their rights under Articles 10 and 11, the rights to freedom of speech and assembly, were breached. They also claim modest damages which will be donated to a charity concerned with violence against women.

Read more about this case on Bindmans website here.

Adam Wagner and Pippa Woodrow are acting for the women’s rights collective instructed by John Halford and Theodora Middleton of Bindmans LLP and led by Tom Hickman QC.