Challenge to 23 hour curfew in hotels accommodating asylum seekers

Doughty Street Counsel are acting in a challenge to restrictions imposed, purportedly to enforce COVID rules, in contracted out accommodation for asylum seekers. The claimants in these cases claim that they have been subjected to severely intrusive restrictions on their movements and liberty, amounting in effect to a 23 hour curfew, without any lawful basis.

At an interim relief hearing on 12 March 2021, the Home Secretary, through her legal representatives, conceded that if these restrictions were being imposed, they were unlawful and must stop, although she disavowed any responsibility. The Home Secretary accepted that she must contact accommodation providers to ensure that any such restrictions are lifted.

An article by press present at the hearing can be found here.

Laura Dubinsky of Doughty Street Chambers, leading Eleanor Mitchell from Matrix and Michael Spencer, also from Doughty Street, acts for three of the claimants on behalf of Duncan Lewis Solicitors.

Shu Shin Luh, also of Doughty Street, acts for the fourth claimant, instructed by Matthew Gold solicitors.