10th June 2020

Online Seminar via Zoom

Online Seminar via Zoom

Interactive Webinars by our Housing Team

Doughty Street's Housing team brings a series of interactive webinars.

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Wednesday 10th June | 3pm - 4pm

Law in Lockdown 

It would be easy to forget that, during lockdown, the higher courts continue to determine cases which are of significance importance to those with a need to access and maintain housing.

This seminar, chaired and moderated by Sarah Steinhardt, will look at the developments in housing law since lockdown began: Dave Cowan will look at developments in the law on possession, while Zia Nabi will take us through the developments in homelessness. We will also hear from Sue Baxter, a supported housing guru, on the challenges faced in that sector during lockdown.

Sue Baxter is a social housing advisor, consultant and trainer.  She is a leading housing professional with over 30 years’ experience including 16 years of senior management experience with Registered Providers and 15 years of training and policy development for national umbrella bodies. She has a proven track record of change management, service improvement and development across a range of service settings including homelessness services. She is currently the Facilitator for Supported Housing in Partnership a membership group for RPs providing supported housing.

Sue is also a well-respected expert in the area of improving quality in housing management and support. She has provided consultancy projects at a strategic, operational and frontline level for housing providers and also for national and local government.

Sue is also the co-author of LAG’s Supported Housing and the Law, which is currently being updated for publication in 2021.

Full webinar recording can be found here.

The Future of Possession II – A Debate - Chaired by Jim Shepherd

Speakers: Martin Westgate QC, Lindsay Johnson and Jamie Burton

We will be joined by a guest speaker Laurie Macfarlane.

Laurie is an economist and writer based in Edinburgh. He is currently economics editor at openDemocracy and a fellow at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, New Economics Foundation and Democracy Collaborative. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed book 'Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing.

The suspension of possession claims during the Covid-19 outbreak provides an opportunity to reconsider how residential property is managed. A debate rages on social media on how the housing system emerges from this crisis. Doughty Street is pleased to host a live debate which we hope will lead to some novel discussion and practical conclusions to feed into the national debate. With speakers advocating positions from a return to the status quo all the way to a radical rethink on tenure, and a presentation on the research undertaken by the Institute for Public Policy Research this promises to be an event not to be missed. Join us. Join the debate.

Full webinar recording can be found here.

The Future of Possession I – Arkin v Marshall - Martin Westgate QC and Simon Mullings

The Court of Appeal handed down judgment in Arkin v Marshall on 11 May 2020, confirming the lawfulness of the temporary ban on possession proceedings. What does this mean in practical terms and how was the court guided to that conclusion. In the first of a series on the future of possession proceedings, Martin Westgate QC, who represented HLPA in the proceedings, and Simon Mullings who gathered evidence for the court on behalf of HLPA will discuss those issues.

The slides and recording will be made available here in due course.

Suitability in the time of Coronavirus - Sarah Steinhardt, Lindsay Johnson, Jim Shepherd

Balancing the absolute requirement for Pt 7 accommodation to be suitable with the need to self isolate and shield is an almost impossible task.

Join us for our latest of Webinars, where Sarah Steinhardt and Lindsay Johnson will revisit the current state of the law and look at the effects of the current public health crisis on the question of suitability before Jim Shepherd leads a Q&A and discussion.

Full webinar recording can be found here.

Slides will be uploaded shortly.

Urgent applications in homelessness cases in the time of Covid

Ben ChatawayZia Nabi and David Cowan host a webinar which will examine the legal and practical implications of the Covid 19 emergency on requests for interim accommodation pending review and appeal.

Full webinar recording can be found here.

Slides can be found here.

Evictions in the time of Covid-19 led by Martin Westgate QC and John Hobson

Martin Westgate QC and John Hobson considered the implications of the coronavirus pandemic for tenants/occupiers and those representing them. In particular, the session considered the changes to possession claims introduced by the Coronavirus Act 2020, the stay of possession proceedings under Practice Direction 51Z and further issues that might arise at the end of this period.

Full webinar recording can be found here.

Slides can be found here.