Judicial review challenge to the Rwanda scheme set to continue

Asylum Aid, a charity provider of legal representation to people seeking protection from persecution in the UK, applied for judicial review of the procedures and arrangements in place to send refugees to Rwanda. The charity filed the legal challenge last week with law firm Leigh Day, and this will now proceed to permission stage. Asylum Aid argues that the government’s rapid process for sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is unlawful as it is inconsistent with the statutory powers conferred on the Home Secretary by Parliament, procedurally unfair and constitutes a serious impediment to access to justice.

Despite refusing the urgent interim injunction on Monday 13 June 2022 to halt removals to Rwanda, the court found a serious issue to be tried and the Judicial Review challenge to the scheme is set to continue.

Michelle Knorr and Antonia Benfield of Doughty Street Chambers and Sarah Dobbie of 5 Essex Court are led by Charlotte Kilroy QC of Blackstone Chambers. Alison Pickup, Director of Asylum Aid and Associate Tenant of Doughty Street Chambers is leading the team at Asylum Aid. Tessa Gregory, partner at Leigh Day is representing Asylum Aid together with solicitors Stephanie Hill and Carolin Ott. Find Leigh Day’s press release here.