It Can Be Done – a podcast about human rights law in action

It Can be Done is a new podcast from the Migrants’ Law Project that explores how strategic litigation can be used for social change. The first episode was released on 18th October 2019.

Listen to the podcast here. 

The first series will look at the work of lawyers, including many from Doughty Street Chambers, activists, and others during the ‘refugee crisis’ of 2015. It will tell the story of how people and groups came together to use strategic litigation to open up safe and legal routes to family reunion for refugees trapped in dire conditions in informal camps on the European mainland, focussing on the work to reunite children and young people in Calais with family in the UK.

Over several episodes, the podcast will delve into how the legal strategy developed, will meet the people involved, and will learn about the collaborations with charities, doctors and volunteers on the ground. It will discuss the law, and will look at the legacy of the work. 

Members of Doughty Street who have been involved in this Refugee Family Reunion project instructed by the Migrants’ Law Project, include: Charlotte Kilroy QC, Michelle Knorr, Alison Pickup, Jelia Sane, James Kirk, Catherine Meredith and Phil Haywood.

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