Doughty Street International (DSI) is our group of leading international lawyers who have unrivalled expertise in advice and advocacy on all aspects of international law. DSI comprises the Public International Law, International Criminal Law, Private International Law, International Arbitration, and International Human Rights Law practitioners within Doughty Street Chambers, as well as internationally renowned legal academics who form Chambers’ Academic Panel. Doughty Street International is exceptional in that our team comprises international lawyers from all continents of the world with unique language skills and expertise in many different areas of the law. 

We advise individuals, NGOs, Governments and international organisations on matters of international law. Areas of particular expertise include international extradition and the removal of Interpol red notices, business and human rights, money laundering regulations, death penalty litigation and counter-terrorism.

Members are at the forefront of international litigation ranging from the international criminal courts and tribunals and regional human rights courts to cases before the International Court of Justice, the courts of the European Union and international arbitrations. Barristers are admitted to practice in other national jurisdictions, and regularly appear in the courts of Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and many Caribbean states as well as other countries.

In addition to litigation and legal advice, team members regularly conduct advocacy and human rights training for judges, prosecutors and defence counsel as well as government officials, NGOs, police and military personnel around the globe. Doughty Street barristers have trained the British and US military, NATO, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and judges and lawyers in countries such as Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cameroon, Colombia, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and Zimbabwe. 

Doughty Street International is unique.

The characteristics that define Doughty Street International and enable us to achieve our aim can be described as:

  • Expert - our barristers and international lawyers are acknowledged as leaders in their field.

  • Intelligent - intellectual excellence is one of our principal recruitment yardsticks in order that we may provide the most in-depth, reliable and considered advice to our clients.

  • Collegial - the team is more effective than the individual; by operating in teams of barristers and international lawyers who are expert in their area of legal practice, we can bring to bear substantial combined intellect and experience.

  • Accountable - we recognise our clients’ investment in us, and both individually and as a team we deliver on our commitment to the client.

  • Committed - to our aim and to providing a first-class service. Our team members come to Doughty Street International because they want to make a difference.